At CloudRebelz we love Salesforce Lightning, so we were very happy that last week Trailhead announced 4 new Superbadges and one of those is the Lightning Experience Specialist Superbadge!

The goal of a Superbadge is taking what you’ve learned and apply it to advanced, real-world business requirements.
If you haven’t heard from Trailhead, there is a short video at the bottom of the page explaining Trailhead.

What You’ll be Doing to Earn This Lightning Experience Specialist Superbadge?

  1. Show what you know about Sales Process
  2. Provide tailored guidance for sales reps to close deals
  3. Show what you know about rolling out Lightning Experience
  4. Create three process flows with Process Builder
  5. Customize separate service processes for two types of cases
  6. Import data from legacy sales and fulfillment systems
  7. Improve sales and support rep efficiency by customizing the Lightning UI

Source: Trailhead

It will take you about 4-6 hours to complete this superbadge! Have fun!

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