It has just been announced, U2 will be headlining the Dreamfest!
To use Marc’s famous words: This is AMAZING!

What is Dreamfest?
Dreamfest is the Salesforce Dreamforce concert with big headliners to have a great night! The last editions were rocked by The Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica,… and finally this year (after years of rumors) U2!

These are the best tips & tricks you should know to rock the fantastic Dreamfest concert:

  • Venue of this year is the Cow Palace Arena (directions)
  • Don’t forget your ID and Dreamforce Badge
  • Salesforce provides transport (busses) to the venue, the pickup locations are announced during Dreamforce
  • Leave early because the waiting lines are very very long if you are late!
  • If you are late, take an Uber Taxi
  • Leave your things at your hotel
  • Plenty of food and drinks are being served, so no need to go out and eat
  • Leave early if you don’t want to queue for the busses
  • If you stay until the end, walk a mile and then order an Uber Taxi

Well that’s it for the tips & tricks for Dreamfest, stay tuned for more Dreamforce posts!

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