Today, we’re thrilled to announce 4C Consulting joined forces with Thomas Cherlet to create our first spin-off, CloudRebelz.

CloudRebelz will design Lightning Apps and Components on the platform, to leverage Salesforce’s leading sales, service, marketing, communities, analytics, IoT and platform solutions to deliver a more comprehensive, personalized consumer experience.

With this investment 4C Consulting starts to develop software within the ecosystem (AppExchange) of the industry’s leading enterprise cloud platform, that enables brands to deliver unified, personalized experiences for customers across every touchpoint.

4C Consulting helps companies transform from ‘product-focused (4P)’ to ‘customer-obsessed (4C)’ by bringing superior customer experiences to life in the solutions eco-system. We are the first and only Regional Platinum partner of in the Benelux.

The Lightning apps and components of CloudRebelz will be an integral part of 4C Consulting’s service offering, creating opportunities for companies to enhance the Salesforce platform in entirely new ways.

With Lightning’s component-based architecture, apps no longer need to be built entirely from scratch. Pages and components are brought together with drag and drop functionality, making it easier than ever to build any kind of app and accelerating every company’s ability to drive digital transformation. The Lightning App Builder empowers anyone to mix and match their company’s custom components with standard components built by Salesforce, partners like CloudRebelz —all available on the AppExchange—to create and customize app pages visually, without code.

We have been working together with Thomas Cherlet, the CEO of CloudRebelz or the “Chief Cloud Rebel”, for more than 4 years. Thomas has extended knowledge and experience with the platform. But is above all a passionate and tech-savvy entrepreneur!



CEO 4C Consulting Belgium