We are very proud to announce the birth of CloudRebelz! 

Salesforce.com has known a tremendous growth for the last couple of years. It has developed into one of the most powerful platforms in the world, enabling millions of users globally to reinvent the way they work. In the world we live in today, apps have become a significant revolutionary place where your brand meets your customers and partners.

Our mission is to build innovative and cutting-edge apps and components on the Salesforce.com platform that deliver real and direct value for your business. Our goal is to reach millions of users with our affordable, user-friendly and beautiful apps that transform customer experience.  We strive to be the best at what we do and deliver the best results to our clients. 

We aim to build an inspiring atmosphere where innovation and continuous personal development is key. Passion defines our CloudRebelz-DNA. 

Now let’s have some fun!


Your Chief Cloud Rebel,